Hi! I'm Rashida B! Marketing minx, beauty brand strategist and fame wrangler

But what I really do is teach ambitious beauty pros just like you marketing, publicity, and cult-creating customer service strategies. Assets that will help you: GROW an insane wait-list clientele, BECOME a big brand magnet and woo the press.

The crème? You'll build a legion (that's a whole lot!) of super-fans, and CASH IN ON A LIFE YOU'LL LOVE. 



I'll show you HOW to attract an engaged audience, and an insanely loyal, follow-you-any-where clientele: HOW to position yourself as an expert and capture the media. HOW to put more money in the bank (ca-ching), and live the life you dream. The beauty of it? You'll be surprised and delighted by how little it will feel like learning, or hard work due to my un-conventional, un-stuffy, un-boring, uber-fun method of infusing your real-life work scenarios into typically boring and confusing topics like branding, marketing and publicity. (Did I mention I speak beauty? Oui! It's much sexier than French mademoiselle.)