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Hi! I'm Rashida B! Marketing minx, beauty brand strategist and fame wrangler

But what I really do is teach ambitious beauty pros just like you marketing, publicity, and cult-creating customer service strategies. Assets that will help you: GROW an insane wait-list clientele, BECOME a big brand magnet and woo the press.

The crème? You'll build a legion (that's a whole lot!) of super-fans, and CA$H IN ON A LIFE YOU'LL LOVE.



Want to learn how to attract an engaged audience and a loyal follow-you-any-where clientele? Would you like to know how to position yourself as a beauty industry expert and capture the heart of the media?  How about the secret to earning more cash (cha-ching) while working less, and living the life you dream? What if I told you that you could do ALL of that?  And, that it would hardly feel like learning, or hard work due to my un-conventional, un-stuffy, un-boring, uber-fun method of infusing your real-life work scenarios into typically snooze-inducing and confusing topics like branding, marketing and publicity. (Did I mention I speak beauty? Oui! It's much sexier than French mademoiselle.)

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Not really sure how this online mentoring thing-y goes? Wondering if I'm the right person and fit to help you achieve your goals? You're in luck! I'm currently scheduling for what I'm calling THE HOT 100 PROJECT. That's me sitting down and chatting with one hundred beauty pros (hopefully you)  to help you get clarity on that ONE thing that is holding you back from closing out 2014 strong. If this is you, I'd love to help. Simply complete the application for your complimentary fifteen minute session by clicking the apply now button below. You must apply, but it's completely complimentary. This is not a sales call, just you and me working through your ONE major challenge so that you can finish the year strong. Go ahead, click "Apply Now!" below.  You deserve to finish this year on top! Once I hit one hundred it's gone, so apply today.